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    "I contacted Shannon and asked for a healing for my 12 year-old daughter who had sustained a sports injury. After she channeled the healing energy, we spoke, and she shared with me some insightful information. I asked if she would share this with my daughter and she was happy to do so. Although there was much to the reading, Shannon told my daughter specific information regarding the physical location on my daughter's body that received an intense healing and she asked her if that's where she was experiencing pain. My daughter had an astonished look on her face and asked, "How did you know?' We both thought the whole experience was amazing and will surely contact her again!"

    --Sheila D., Colorado

  • "I met Shannon through a family connection and instantly felt at ease with her kind, loving spirit. She saw me struggling after I got a cancer diagnosis and offered to help me find peace of mind. I was unsure, but open to the experience. What I found was her warm, caring, loving personality radiating concerned intelligence and guidance for me. This helped me feel confidence in how I should proceed and I would highly recommend Shannon as a coach and healer to any one!"

    --Amy SG,


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