• “Walking beside you

    as you journey home...”

    —Shannon Bresnahan

    About Shannon…

    As a little girl I can recall being attracted to angels. I’d see angel statues in churches and cemeteries and images in stained glass and they always gave me comfort. It wasn’t until 1994, when I was introduced to a Shaman, who taught me how to communicate with my Angels and Guides, that I discovered how to have them assist me in channeling healing energy to people and animals. This sacred time of being with another’s soul is so amazing and humbling!


    Always feeling the pull to counsel others, I received my Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychological Services. I utilize those skills I’ve acquired, along with my intuitive abilities I’ve honed, to work as a Healer and Spiritual Life Coach. My Guides and I assist in transforming one’s current situation. By bringing in awareness and love and light, it can help bring about the necessary shifts in a person’s life.


    I have recently felt the calling to return to caring for the dying. As a former Recreation Therapist in long-term care settings for 28 years, I felt humbled to provide compassionate care for those on their transitional journey from this life to their next. I became certified as an End of Life Doula in order to provide emotional and logistical support for the one who is dying but also care and comfort for the ones being left behind.


    I believe that dying is self-directed, either consciously or soul-directed, and I am a listener and advocate and assist in providing an environment that is calm and peaceful. My intention is to reduce fear and anxiety by demystifying the dying process and providing information and resources to empower the one who is terminal along with family members who are making decisions on one’s behalf. I want to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled.


    I look forward to supporting you and holding space for you. If you are looking for an Intuitive Healer, Spritual Life Coach or an End-of Life Doula, let's connect. To begin the process, simply go to the ‘Contact’ page and share with me how I can be of service to you. Even if you aren’t yet clear, we can begin the conversation.

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