• “There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter.”

    —Mother Theresa

  • Q: What is Channeling?

    A: Channeling is where I invoke the Light and am used as a channel for God or Source energy to flow through me. Oftentimes I receive images and messages and my Angels and Guides share information for my client’s Highest Good.


    Q: What is a Reading?

    A: A reading is information that I receive during the channeling that I share with my client. It is ALWAYS information that is for your Highest Good!



    Q: Does the healing need to take place in person?

    A: No. Source energy is Universal. It’s everywhere. I can channel for you wherever I am.


    Q: May I ask for a healing for another person?

    A: Ethically, you may ask for yourself, your child (under age 18) or an animal under your care.


    Q: What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

    A: It is counseling that utilizes my spiritual gifts to assist others to improve their lives.


    Q: How do I make an appointment?

    A: Book an appointment by emailing me at shannon@angelicsoulutions.com.

    Please let me know what days and times are best for you. Please leave me your phone number as well so that I may contact you to confirm.

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